Tramps Against Trump, Because Why Not?

Tramps Against Trump, because why not?


The fact that Donald Trump has gotten this far is proof on its own that the 2016 Presidential election is the wackiest (or scariest/weirdest/head-scratching-est, whichever) election in the history of elections. This election cycle has been fucking out there, worse than the one where professional lunatic Andrew Jackson came down from Valhalla and beat the shit out of everyone else running for President with his pimp cane, plunged “Old Hickory” into every nubile American woman, then drank a Red Bull before shooting Charles Dickinson in his dickinson.

Dear Hollywood: Be on the lookout for my new spec script Andrew Jackson: American Lunatic, wherein Andrew Jackson comes down from Valhalla and…

A couple of months ago, we profiled a social media movement called Babes for Trump, where a bunch of women sexualized themselves to raise awareness and support for Donald Trump’s campaign. Now, the opposite has happened. There is a new movement highlighting the Trump campaign, except this time it has nothing to do with awareness and everything to do with voter coercion.

Well, actually, Babes for Trump could also be chalked up to voter coercion, now that I think about it.

Tramps Against Trump, because of course that’s the name. It’s the same concept (sort of) as Babes for Trump, except this time the sexual stakes are higher. If you vote for someone other than Trump (anyone other than Trump, actually), Tramps Against Trump will reward your civic duty with a nude selfie, because nothing say ‘Murica quite like manipulating votes with tits, snatch, and ass.

Image from Tramps Against Trump.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 2016 Presidential Election.

The funny thing though, campaigns like this aren’t without precedent. Babes for Trump didn’t even set the trend. During the 2015 election for Canada’s Prime Minister (which resulted in the election of political hottie-hot-hot Justin Trudeau), young Canadians waged a campaign called Sluts Against Harper, which also promised the sending of nudes for voting against incumbent conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Fake Lord, you guys, this is the future of politics — “vote for my guy and I’ll send you a picture of my tits.” Part of me still has some semblance of respect for the system, so that part of me is actually pretty upset about all of this. But at the same time, I’ve spent the last year as a political pundit, so a larger part of me is pretty cynical and just shrugging, chuckling quietly in a Starbucks while some obscure indie band plays overhead, and saying “whatever” at the prospect of getting a picture of a hot chick’s ass if I send in proof that I voted. I mean, the election system is pretty fucked anyway, so why not vote for nudity, right?

Our elections are pretty crooked, so we might as well save at least a bit of hope and make them sexy, yeah?

h/t Daily Dot

Author: Robert L. Franklin

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